Additional Services

When you need auto repair, you want to visit one shop for everything. Pastor Auto Care understands this, which is why we’ve spent years expanding our scope of services to include just about anything your vehicle needs. In addition to maintenance, engine work, transmission repair and the usual services, take a look at what else we work on:

  • Exhaust

    If you’ve failed a recent emissions test or have a problem with your exhaust system you can’t seem to figure out, visit us. We can perform an EVAP diagnostic and offer smog test repair in Citrus Heights, CA. We’ll help you get your car up to code and compliant with California DOT emissions and exhaust standards.

  • Alignment

    When you take your hands off the wheel, does the car veer left or right? Alignment issues aren’t hard to spot and need correction as soon as you realize them. We have the tools and equipment to realign your suspension, reducing tread wear, improving gas mileage and enhancing drivability.

  • Suspension

    Bad shocks or struts can make your car feel like a rollercoaster when you hit a bump or pothole. Our team can replace shocks and struts, as well as bearings, linkages and anything else your suspension system needs to keep your ride smooth and steady. If you’re bumping your head on the ceiling, call us!

  • Electrical

    From dim headlights, to starter problems, to alternator issues and more, we’re the authority on auto electrical repair in Citrus Heights, CA. We’ll restore your electrical system to full working order, resolving shorts, bad parts and anything else affecting your vehicle.

No matter what type of repairs we’re providing, rest assured they’re being delivered with expert precision and only the best auto parts. Contact Pastor Auto Care today at 916-723-1200 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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