Auto Repair Services in Citrus Heights, CA

Your car is a complex machine, made of various mechanical and electrical systems. Problems with any of them can affect the entire vehicle, leaving you scratching your head. If and when auto troubles arise, don’t worry: Pastor Auto Care has you covered with its extensive auto repair services. Our experienced staff can fix just about anything, from the engine to the transmission, auto electrical to auto air conditioning repair in Citrus Heights, North Highlands, Orangevale, and Roseville, CA.

  • Engine Repairs

    The engine under your hood is a modern marvel. It needs precision care and repair to stay running right, which is why it pays to trust our team. We can diagnose and resolve just about any engine troubles you’re having. From knocking noises and misfires, to idling issues and fluid leaks, we’ll pop the hood and get to work. We use only quality OEM parts to keep you under warranty and ensure your engine works flawlessly.

  • Auto Air Conditioning

    You can’t drive with the windows down all year round—especially not in the rain or severe summer heat. If your auto A/C isn’t working, schedule an appointment and we’ll set it right. We cover the entirety of auto air conditioning repair, from recharging refrigerant, to replacing compressors, to fixing blowers and more. We’ll keep your cabin frosty, so you can drive in comfort.

  • Transmission Repair

    Is your car leaking red fluid onto the ground? Issues with slipping gears or problems shifting? Not every garage is equipped for transmission repair in Citrus Heights, CA—we are! We’ll repair and protect your transmission from common problems caused by friction and wear. From flushing and re-sealing your transfer case to journaling repairs, count on us for in-house transmission work of the highest caliber.

  • Schedule a Repair Appointment

    If there’s a problem with your car—even if you’re not sure what it is, Pastor Auto Care can help. Schedule your appointment today for engine repair, brakes repair, transmission service, auto A/C and much more. Reach us at 916-723-1200 to speak with one of our qualified techs.

No matter what type of repairs we’re providing, rest assured they’re being delivered with expert precision and only the best auto parts. Contact Pastor Auto Care today at 916-723-1200 for more information on our repair, maintenance, or electrical services or to schedule an appointment.

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